Here are a few examples of achievements made possible with the financial support of the Foundation!

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Rapport d’impact 2022-2023

Rapport d’impact 2021-2022

Rapport d’impact 2020-2021

Rapport d’impact 2019-2020

Rapport d’impact 2018-2019

Volet Hospital and Outpatient Clinic Component

First Mini C-Arm in the operating room

Recharjme Rest Cabin

Relocation of the blood collection center to Galeries Orford

CT scan in medical imaging

2 state-of-the-art operating rooms

Hemodialysis unit

Expansion of the emergency department

Development of the outpatient clinic

Holters in electrophysiology

Equipment for operating rooms in gynecology, urology, ophthalmology, and otolaryngology

Pediatric stretcher for the emergency department

Hema + chairs at the blood collection center


Support for People with Loss of Autonomy

Purchase of WISHOWER bedside showers

Obie projectors


Expansion of the CHSLD (long-term care facility)

Palliative care unit (8 rooms)

Equipment and support for home care

Rail levers for accommodation

Murals in accommodation

Pagers in accommodation

Zoo animation in accommodation and palliative care

Air conditioning in common areas in ‘hébergement 1’


Community Support

Renovation of three convalescent rooms with new beds and transformation of the shower at Accueil Notre-Dame

Renewal of medical equipment and acquisition of specialized equipment at the COOP Santé Eastman

Social emergency fund: a helping hand that is essential for people in situations of great vulnerability. This aid helps meet urgent needs addressed to us by social workers.

Support for summer camp for youth with mental or physical disabilities

Mira dog for youth in rehabilitation centers (speech therapy)

Support for projects by community organizations

Support for mental health projects

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