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Our Achievements
Your donations at work...
Since its founding, the Foundation has contributed $7 million to develop and maintain the health-care services provided. Moreover, the Foundation continues to provide support for social distress in the community through a total investment of $200,000. All these achievements were made possible through the generosity of Foundation donors, partners, sponsors, and volunteers. They all play essential roles in the development and improvement of health-care services and medical care offered to the MRC's population.
Palliative care
Since the service's opening in 2010, more than 150 people at the end of life have been accompanied

CT scans
The CSSSM expected to carry out 1,600 exams in 2011–2012. The team's performance enabled us to increase the number to 2,923!

Home care
As the result of the CSSSM and Foundation investments, 5,738 users received 41,638 visits for care in the home or at school.
Operating suite
Consistently at the cutting edge of technology, the operating suite continues to broaden its range of services. More than 1,800 interventions are performed there each year.

Emergency department
Foundation donors made it possible to double and refurbish the emergency department. The department receives nearly 30,000 visits per year.

Since the beginning...
April 1999: First fund-raising campaign
"Close to People and Serving the Local Population"
Objective : $1.2 million
Result : $2.4 million

Of the target figure, $600,000 was allocated to the hospital component, $400,000 to the placement component, and $200,000 to the CLSC component.

Sylvie Lapointe, a Regional Board representative, definitively confirmed the CLSC–hospital mission by stating that surgical activities and all other primary-care services would be preserved.

The new Executive Director, Jean Lavigne, announced the hiring of an anesthetist, Dr. Yves Arcand, and the development or restoration of supplemental services such as ophthalmology, ear-nose-throat, and gynecology.

January 2003 :

In January 2003, a new radiology room was inaugurated as the result of a $195,000 contribution from the Foundation. The Foundation was able to fund this project because of a generous donation from the Sherbrooke Hospital Foundation.

July 2004 : Second fund-raising campaign
Objective : $3 million
Result : $3.6 million

The Foundation decided to increase its contribution to renovating the emergency department provided for under the CSSSM expansion project from $1,000,000 to $1,062,394.

April 2006 : Inauguration of the hemodialysis department

In April 2006, the institution inaugurated its hemodialysis department as the result of a $602,939.50 gift from the Foundation, which was used as leveraging funds with the government. It should also be pointed out that this donation was made possible largely because of a $500,000 contribution from the late Georges W. Smiley.

In 2007...

The Foundation received a land donation from the City of Magog valued at $283,000 for the institution's expansion as soon as possible.

In 2008...

Four generous donors gave $400,000 in kind through the Foundation to equip rooms in the residential center with rail levers.

In 2009 : Inauguration of the operating suite

Foundation donors and members attended the operating-suite's inauguration in 2009. Its refurbishing and the construction of an integrated operating room at the cutting edge of technology were made possible as the result of a $176,000 contribution from the Foundation, comprising, among other funds, a $125,000 donation from the Bannerman Family Foundation.

In 2010: The CSSSM inaugurated a six-bed palliative-care unit

This project was carried out with a $150,000 contribution from the Foundation as the result of a donation in the same amount from the Bannerman Family Foundation.

April 2011: CT scanner

In April 2011, the CSSSM inaugurated its first CT scanner, valued at $1.2 million, with a $300,000 contribution from the Foundation.

In 2011 : The MUSE project

The MUSE project consisted in acquiring a system for digitizing cardiac events. The sum of $205,000 was donated to this project due to the generosity of Foundation donors.